Unique at DharmaDog

Watch your dog live with our 24 hours camera system and follow your dog during the walks with the GPS

Never worry again

About your dog's wellbeing


Long walks in the woods and on the beach for your dog to play and run all afternoon.

New transport

A van for safe transport to unique walking locations. There will be a little kitchen to provide fresh water and food during our long walk. There will also be a shower to clean your dog before arriving home.

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We will start our walks from 1 October, so register before we are full.

We walk with small packs to garantee more individual attention for your dog.


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Three days per week

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valid till October 1 2020

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Three days per week

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valid from October 1 till 31 December 2020

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Doggy Daycare

Three days per week

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valid till October 31 2020

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What we do

We offer several services in and around Amsterdam.


Dogwalking service that uses GPS and GoPro so you always knows what's up with your dog!




From learning basic commands to training specific problems. All trainings are force-free and with positive reinforcement.



Your dog doesn't need to be home alone ever again! The dog livingroom is ideal for your dog while you are away from home.




a step by step to be a DharmaDog Packmember today

Through the online register form you can register today as a DharmaDog packmember, no worries, we will handle your private information with care and never distribute them to others!

By filling in this form I can easily add you to my customer base and set up a contract for you, which I will bring with me to our first meeting.

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Now that you are registered and listed which services you want to use, we can make our first appointment.
I will provide a contract that is specially made for your needs so your dog can be instantly a DharmaDog packmember and join us!


Send a message to 0031613005481 to make an appointment

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