Long walks in the woods and on the beach for your dog to play and run all afternoon.

New transport

A van for safe transport to unique walking locations. There will be a little kitchen to provide fresh water and food during our long walk. There will also be a shower to clean your dog before arriving home.

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We will start our walks from 1 October, so register before we are full.

We walk with small packs to garantee more individual attention for your dog.


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Exclusive dogwalking service in Amsterdam

For who

DharmaDog walks are ideal for dogs who are anxious, fearfull, reactive or have other sensitivities which makes it more difficult for them to walk in big groups. DharmaDog has small and intimite packs so I can provide more individual attention for your dog to better anticipate and redirect behaviour.


Walks with a small/intimite pack in a familiar area.

These walks are at the end of the morning with a small pack of dogs in surrounding park. Ideal for socialisation, dogs who get carsick and for dogs who are new in the area.

Forest walks

Walks in secluded areas. Small/intimite pack for more individual attention.

These walks will start at the beginning of the afternoon till the beginning of the evening, minimum walk of two hours. Because of our small pack we can walk in areas where other dogwalking services are prohibited.


Loose leash walks

Due to our small pack I can garantee your dog will be walking freely the whole walk (where allowed) so your dog can explore and have all adventure, wether this is completly of the leash or with assistense of long leash. No matter what, your dog will get his freedom for fun.


As a safet garantee your dog will be equipped with a GPS device, which you can use to see your dog live and afterwars can view our complete walk.

During playing we use approved and safe toys. Like glass wool free balls (which can cause toothe damage)!



During the walk I will be carrying a GoPro so I can continuously make action shots of your dog and his friends!
DharmaDog uses positive reinforcement and uses high quality treats, also for dogs with a special diet.