Over Tessa

wie ben ik?

My proud collection of diplomas in animal care and training 🎓

This includes my basic degree as vet assistent, including lab work

My degrees in hospitality, events, Animal CPR and veterinarian basic degree in farm animals

And my diplomas as k9 instructor


Mission and vision


Through education I want to make everybody aware of the intelligence and needs of dogs, especially (future) dogowners and children. Also i want to stimute and contribute research on dog psychology, intelligence, social hiërarcy, behaviour and health.


My vision is that dogs, just like humans, have a personality that we can decive in archetypes, just like humans. This means that dogs can have psychological issues and need specialised help. The psyche of the dog is in my opinion as the psuche of humans, but with the intelligence of a four year old child. I believe that dogs need the same help as humans, moral support and space for personal growth.


My specialistion is dogs from abroad, traumatized dogs, depression, anxiouty and anti social dogs, also when older.


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